Pay no focus on flight attendant jokes you heard over time. If you have the chance to big date one, don’t hesitate to book the trip!

Here are 15 the explanation why:

1. Trip attendants have actually complimentary or inexpensive standby journey advantages to most destinations. Wish a spontaneous week-end in San Francisco or Austin? Complete offer.

2. Those who fly the friendly skies for a full time income spend a lot of time away from home, so they’re extremely appreciative of a familiar face and a romantic night home whenever recovery time ultimately arrives.

3. It cannot end up being stated of trip attendants which they do not get away a great deal. If he or she has elected to-be along with you, it’s not for not enough other choices.

4. Journey attendants tend to be trained to remain calm in a crisis which will help prevent stress in others, skills which come in handy during any conflict inside commitment.

5. a flight attendant is actually taught to deal gracefully with kinds of people. Satisfying your parents or the best pals—and making good impression—should be a piece of cake.

6. Somebody who chooses being a trip attendant provides an established feeling of adventure. He or she is extremely unlikely is the wet-blanket at an event—or in a relationship.

7. If you’ve always wished to start meeting mature to see the world, a trip attendant can certainly make an outstanding travel friend and journey tips guide.

8. Should you choose travel together, there is no need to consider hauling around a hill of the baggage. Trip attendants understand worth of economic climate when loading a suitcase.

9. Trip attendants tend to be trained to end up being efficient, timely, and organized—admirable qualities in an online dating spouse, specifically if you’ve dated reckless, unreliable folks in yesteryear.

10. Dinner conversation with a trip attendant is actually extremely unlikely becoming dull or boring. They will have an endless method of getting interesting tales to share with.

11. Journey attendants may know that lawn isn’t necessarily greener on the other side of the country (or world), since they’ve already been through it.

12. Journey attendants would not endure long on work without powerful men and women abilities. Those abilities are certain to enhance a dating commitment.

13. Simply because they invest a whole lot time with folks on the move, journey attendants value matchmaking someone employing foot on a lawn.

14. Journey attendants face risk on a consistent basis—which will give them an attractive gusto for lifetime.

15. a flight attendant will encourage you nicely for a lavish base rub after an extended travel. Added bonus: they might need an endless supply of honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels!