Check out dating statistics from the POF site. It’s my opinion these numbers are for 2011 and just worry the United States.

  • discover 54 million singles
  • Of those 10 % (5.5 million) are utilizing a dating solution
  • 2.6 million purchase the service leaving 2.9 million that don’t.
  • In general 8.8 million have actually tried online dating sites

According to research by the United States Census last year there are 95.9 million unmarried people in the united states. And so I think about 40 per cent of those needs to be in some kind of common-law commitment and simply have never hitched. I do believe the 10 percent figure of people who use internet dating sites most likely has never altered a lot over the last five years. The trick now for adult dating sites is to find one other 49 million to test online dating sites.